DOCOMO & Fujitsu to launch extra-high-speed LTE services for IP Networks

NTT DOCOMO, INC. and Fujitsu Limited announced today
their development of two technologies to detect and locate "silent
failures" in IP networks much faster and more accurately than currently

The new technologies will enable DOCOMO to significantly shorten the
time required to recover from silent failures, which will support the
eventual launch of extra-high-speed LTE services over DOCOMO’s emerging
IP-based mobile network.

A silent failure occurs when a router in an IP network fails and
data transmission is halted without the network administrator being
notified, since routers cannot detect internal failures. Network
operators can install dedicated monitoring devices that detect silent
failures, but only by continually transmitting test data throughout the
entire network and then analyzing the test results, making the process

One of the two new technologies analyzes data on not only test
transmissions but also loss rates and network delays, which facilitates
faster detection of silent failures. It can also detect warning signs
of silent failures that are possibly about to occur.

The second technology identifies the location of silent failures in
an efficient manner by analyzing data only from routes over which data
is actually being transmitted. In trials conducted on DOCOMO’s existing
FOMA 3G network, the technology identified failure locations by up to
80 percent faster than the conventional method. This technology also
enhances conventional network-monitoring systems by analyzing failure
and operational data in combination, which improves the accuracy of
failure location and enables ordinary and silent failures to be
separately identified.


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