Bing App arrives on iPhone

Last week we learned that Microsoft wanted to enhance its development
efforts on the iPhone by offering new applications. Thus the rumors
speculating on the imminent arrival of the instant messaging client
Windows Live Messenger and engine Bing. The latter is now available
free for download from the App Store via iTunes.

On opening the software we find an ergonomics similar to that proposed
by the classic web site with a different image daily and shortcuts
search: pictures, films, maps or news. Microsoft has also implemented a
search feature voice, the latter only works in English.

Recall that Microsoft already offers other applications like Seadragon
Mobile, users can view their photos in high resolution and Microsoft
Tag, a bar code reader using the camera in the iPhone. To download go
Bing here (iTunes link). According to some rumors, Windows Live Messenger is available for his part in the first quarter of next year.


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