Atmel Collaborates with H&D Wireless to deliver an IEEE802.11b+g Wi-Fi solution

Atmel Corporation , a leader in touch- and microcontroller-based solutions, today announced it is collaborating with H&D Wireless to deliver an IEEE802.11b+g Wi-Fi solution  for Atmel’s 32-bit AVR® microcontrollers. In this collaboration, H&D Wireless will provide the SPB104 Wi-Fi extension board which is easily connected to the AVR32 UC3 evaluation kits through the SD card socket. This collaboration results in the industry’s most power efficient Wi-Fi solution, with an overall power consumption five times lower than any other similar solution on the market.

"Many customers are demanding embedded Wi-Fi solutions in their 32-bit MCU applications," said Haakon Skar, product marketing director for AVR32 at Atmel Corporation. "To address these needs, Atmel has partnered with H&D Wireless to enable Wi-Fi capability in Atmel’s 32-bit AVR MCUs. To enable Wi-Fi capabilities of the AVR32 UC3 microcontroller, a customer only needs an ATEXTWIFI evaluation board, an AVR32 EVK1104 or EVK1105 evaluation kit, and to download a free AVR32 Software Framework 1.5 version which includes all Wi-Fi drivers and the full TCP/IP stacks. With picoPower® technology, AVR32 is the world’s most energy efficient microcontroller on the market, using less energy in all active and standby modes than other competing products."

Atmel’s picoPower technology meets the toughest requirements in modern microcontrollers. By combining ten years of low-power research and development into picoPower technology for AVR microcontrollers, AVR32 MCUs can achieve the industry’s lowest power consumption with 0.48 mW / MHz in active mode, 1.5 uA with RTC running and below 100 nA in shutdown mode.

"As a wireless solutions leader, we are thrilled to provide a Wi-Fi solution to a leading microcontroller provider," said Par Bergsten, CEO of H&D Wireless. "We have developed a best-in-class Wi-Fi solution with a focus on low power consumption and a small form factor. The solution we are announcing today will enable a faster time-to-market for Atmel’s customers."

H&D Wireless’ modules offer Wi-Fi capability for the 802.11b+g spectrums with a throughput of 1 to 54 Mbps. The device offers a 150 uW sleep power consumption, 2.4 years of battery life, 220 mW RX power and an interface compatible to SDIO and SPI. In addition, the RF power output is 7-8 dB higher than the average on the market at +17.5 dBm.


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