Dragon Age: Origins announced on Mac

BioWare and TransGaming come together to announce the availability of the excellent Dragon Age: Origins on the Mac within a few days. Two editions will be marketed.

Dragon Age Origins Return to Ostagar – Image 2Now marketed to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Dragon Age: Origins is emerging as an excellent role play. Indeed, the title has a real breath of fresh air, negotiating a background of high quality with a neat gameplay, like a Baldur’s Gate. Indeed, it is possible to control a team of adventurers who will fight in semi-real time. Indeed, it is necessary to put the game paused to choose his spells without shortcuts in its paw. Thus, the strategic dimension is significantly increased, leaving the pure action and lasts on the shelf.

BioWare and publisher TransGaming recently announced that Dragon Age: Origins out Mac at December 21 next. For the occasion, two editions will be introduced. Besides the standard version (including extensions The Stone Prisoner and Blood Dragon Armor), An offer Digital Deluxe will be proposed. The latter include the DLC Warden’s KeepVarious novel objects, OST, and a handful of wallpapers. Small precision, both editions will be available via download in various platforms online.


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