Taiwan claims SRAM with 16nm under production

A research institute of the SRAM with a 16nm production process and focuses already on 15nm. The development is an accelerated migration from the current 45nm process possible.

The National Nano Device Laboratories, part of the Taiwan Research Institute National Applied Research Laboratories, is using a technology called injection nano lithography one-16nm SRAM chip developed reports Taiwan Today. Sram is faster and more economical than DRAM, but the production is more expensive. The memory type is used, the cache processor.

SRAM is currently manufactured at 45nm and the semiconductor industry is preparing for the transition to 32nm. The development of the 16nm chips shows that production in this process is within reach. According to Yang Fu-liang, director of NDL, make the 16nm SRAM for a nine-fold higher capacity per chip as possible with 45nm SRAM. Furthermore, according to him the chip size by 60 percent can be reduced and consumption could fall by half.

The research would according DigiTimes seek cooperation with the chip makers Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, United Microelectronics Corporation and Macronix International Company to develop a 15nm process as possible.


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