Microsoft disabled the service MSN Juku and confessed to stealing code

Microsoft has closed for an indefinite time, access to its online
service MSN Juku which was recently launched in China for more also confessed to the
illegal copying of program code similar service called Plurk. Recall
that this whole story began a few days ago, when the company Plurk
accused the Redmond giant in the actual plagiarism, that is, unlawful
use of design elements and code his service mikroblog.

Following an internal investigation into Microsoft issued a statement,
where black and white, that part of the code used in the service MSN
Juku, was illegally copied from Plurk. In addition, the software giant
offered an official apology to the affected companies. While the
development of service mikroblog MSN Juku was conducted by the local
vendor, responsible for such ugly story, of course, falls on the very
Microsoft, because the service was created under its brand name and
with its active participation.

The fate of Service MSN
Juku remains unclear. At the same time, it is obvious that the largest
cost in all this scandalous story has just the giant. After
all, Microsoft is known for its extremely anxious attitude to the
protection of intellectual property and copyrights, including on their
own products and the scandal with the actual theft of someone else’s
code can fairly damping its reputation.


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