Broadcom First to Ship True Single Chip Blu-ray Disc Solution

Broadcom Corporation  a global leader in
semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, today announced
that it is the first silicon provider to ship a true single die Blu-ray
Disc® chip. The new Broadcom® BCM7630
offers an unprecedented level of integration combining proven optical
front-end and back-end video decoding and display technologies in a
single die solution. In addition to industry leading Blu-ray
performance, the BCM7630
also supports leading-edge Internet streaming applications including
Netflix® 2.0, Pandora® Internet Radio, Vudu™, CinemaNow® movie services
and others. This unparalleled integration and functionality delivers a
premium home entertainment experience to consumers.

Also announced today is the BCM7632, which supplements the capabilities of the BCM7630
by adding support for the playback of 3D Blu-ray movies. The potential
for watching 3D movies in the home has generated great excitement with
more than a dozen 3D movies released in 2009. Although the 3D Blu-ray
standard is not yet finalized, it is anticipated that the BCM7632 will comply with the final specification.

Highlights/Key Facts:

    --  Broadcom's new BCM7630 and BCM7632 are the most advanced Blu-ray Disc
player silicon solutions available, offering the highest levels of
system integration. This integration, combined with support for
feature-rich Internet-based streaming applications such as BD-Live,
Netflix 2.0, Pandora Internet Radio, Vudu and CinemaNow movie services
gives consumers a compelling home entertainment experience.
--  Both the BCM7630 and BCM7632 integrate Broadcom's proven optical
front-end and world class back-end decoding technologies to create the
industry's first true SoC Blu-ray solution. This integration provides
the lowest cost solution, helping drive mass market adoption of Blu-ray
Disc technology.
--  Blu-ray Disc players aren't just about movies. Internet streaming over
Wi-Fi is fast becoming a mainstream requirement. The BCM7630 and BCM7632
support Broadcom's market-leading Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® solutions
providing manufacturers with a system solution that features integrated
wireless support. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions can also be used for
remote controls.
--  The BCM7632 provides additional support for 3D Blu-ray Disc players in
stereoscopic full 1080p resolution.
--  The BCM7630 is in production. The BCM7632 is sampling to early access


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