Wipro and O2 Germany Announces Strategic Partnership

– A Testing Out-Tasking Partnership to Provide Improved Productivity, Reduced
Cost, Higher Quality and Faster Time to Market

Wipro Technologies, the global IT services business of Wipro Limited [WIT],
announced that it has entered into a partnership for an Out-tasking of Testing
Services initiative with Telefonica O2 Germany, a leading
European telecommunications company. The scope of this partnership will involve
Wipro Germany supporting the testing operations of O2, and transforming the same
through process improvement.

Wipro will provide complete suite of solutions including Test Analysis,
Management and Execution, Deployment and Integration and Implementation
Management services for the testing IT stack of O2. Through this engagement, O2
benefits from Wipro’s diverse experience in Telecom, access to global delivery,
diverse skills, increased automation and improved Test processes, leading to
overall improvement in test effectiveness and reduction of costs.

"We are pleased to partner with Wipro. We are confident that Wipro’s
leadership in Telecom & Independent validation services for the growing
German telecommunications market will also enable our transformation journey.
There is a great similarity in Wipro’s and O2’s approach towards innovation and
delivery of superior experience to customers," said Carsten Wreth, Managing
Director Service Technology O2 Germany.

"Wipro, by virtue of its convergent view of the telecom media value chain
coupled with an independent testing experience is uniquely positioned to build
industry specific solutions, delivering measurable business benefits like
improved productivity, reduced cost and time to market for O2. This partnership
will deliver next generation testing transformation to O2 by providing
leading-edge services and enhanced customer experience," said Gangadharaiah CP,
Senior Vice President Testing Services Wipro Technologies.


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