FarStone Technology Releases Snapshot Recovery

Snapshot Recovery is designed to backup your PC in
as little as 10 seconds, for easy and effortless recovery. It allows users to
instantly recover files, system configurations, and even an operating system in
less than 2 minutes.

Today FarStone Technology
released its latest in backup and restore software, Snapshot Recovery, a
powerful and easy-to-use- Personal Disaster Recovery utility that automatically
backs up all files on a computer. Snapshot Recovery is fully supported by
Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 to present reliable backup through features
such as automatic, ongoing backup, pre-windows recovery, and unlimited
incremental backup points.

Have this ever happened to you?

"I spent hours recovering after installing software that messed up my

"I received an email with a virus and lost access to my computer."

"I lost my family pictures by accident."

"My computer was never the same again."

The answer is Snapshot Recovery. You can RestoreIT! Snapshot Recovery
utilizes a simple and intuitive interface to enable users to instantly recover
files, system configuration, and operating system to any point in time prior to
data loss or system failure. In the event of a virus or hacker attack, system
crash, software installation gone wrong, or other unforeseen disasters, Snapshot
allows users to roll a system to a point where it was working properly for
quick, painless, and accurate data recovery.

Snapshot Recovery offers many essential functions that Windows System Restore
does not provide. "Windows System Restore is simply not enough to protect your
computer," explains Thomas Lin, President and CEO of FarStone Technology.
"Snapshot Recovery gives you the peace of mind knowing your data is safe and
your computer can be completely restored to any point in time."

Snapshot Recovery’s unique near CDP (continuous data protection) recovery
allows users to create a hard disk snapshot within 10 seconds for any hard drive
size and can even restore a 500 GB hard disk to its previous healthy working
state in as little as 2 minutes.


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