DartAppraisalIntroduces DartTracker Plus Appraisal Tracking System

Online tool offers immediate access to appraisal
pipeline status for lenders and brokers

As part of ongoing commitment to
technological innovation and client service, DartAppraisal.com today introduced
the DartTracker Plus appraisal tracking system. The new online tool allows
clients to visually track all of their appraisal orders on one screen as they
move through a six-step pipeline before final delivery.

Located within the Client Center of the DartAppraisal.com Web site,
DartTracker Plus is easy to navigate, displaying a pipeline view of all
active appraisal orders and their status at a glance. The six stages include
Received, Accepted, Scheduling, Appointment Set, Inspected and Quality,
with Addendums as needed and an additional Totals column to tally
the active orders. Users simply click any stage to view the details of each
individual order. The innovative tracking system also displays alerts at each
stage to notify clients of any action required to move the order forward.

"We recognize that turnaround time for appraisal orders is a key factor in
successful loan processing," said Marko Berishaj, vice president of
DartAppraisal.com and a certified mortgage banker. "The ability to track
multiple orders and determine the status of each within seconds truly increases
productivity for our clients. With DartTracker Plus, clients can view
up-to-date status reports, any time of day or night, as well as address any
factors that may delay their orders.

"DartTracker Plus is just the latest example of our commitment to
innovative technology," Berishaj added. "As part of the company’s overall
strategic plan, we are developing products that will help to streamline loan
processing. We plan to expand our order tracking technology to include more
tools for our appraiser network in the near future, completing the circle of
communication and further enhancing our productivity and service."

DartAppraisal.com also offers DartTracker, an online tool used to track
the status of a single appraisal order. DartTracker can be used without any user
log-in or password, and is easily found on the Home page of the
DartAppraisal.com Web site. Using the client loan or case number, or the street
address of the appraisal order, clients can instantly track one order.

DartTracker and DartTracker Plus are exclusive appraisal tracking
systems from DartAppraisal.com, a leading independent provider of nationwide
residential real estate valuations.


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