Cost effective Web Service by Skywax for Small Business

This not-too-technical web firm produces very professional websites for small business owners that level the playing field, without breaking the bank. Skywax has a new approach to web design thanks to some patented technology, nicknamed “the code spitter”. The company designs and builds custom websites in less than a week for only $100.00

The process is quite simple. After a client approves their custom design, the Skywax patented technology automatically generates the source code for the site, meaning the whole site is up and running for just $100 and in days … not weeks, said Jason Lucas, President of Skywax. “We don’t really think of ourselves as a tech company”, says Lucas. “We’re more like a common sense web company. As local business owners ourselves, we’ve been on the other side of the equation as web customers, so we took a more user-friendly approach when developing our product.”

Jason Lucas along with his brother Scott and two of their life long friends, David Katz and Ben Garrett, are aiming to change perceptions about the web development process. David Katz explains, “Launching a good-looking website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Conventional web design can be very expensive and time consuming, and those hidden fees can really add up. We have one simple offering with no hidden fees or contracts. We also believe people shouldn’t have to pay for routine updates, so we’ve empowered our clients with an extremely intuitive content management system.”

A simple sign up process on the user end and a low cost custom website is really just a few clicks away. The complete (and only) package at Skywax includes a custom website for $100 and a $20 per month hosting fee. In addition to hosting, the monthly fee includes 10 branded email accounts, domain registration and access to the Skywax content management system. The CMS was designed with some very familiar menus and toolbars. Skywax claims on its website, “If you can send an email, you can update your Skywax website.” Another advantage offered with a Skywax site is the aforementioned branded email. Your business or personal email address can be instead of @MSN or @gmail or even worse for a business …

At a time when the entire business world is trying to squeeze every dime out of their budget, Skywax has found a niche seldom sought by the bigger web companies. The simplicity and affordability of the Skywax offering attracts a wide and frugal audience. This includes both small businesses and individuals who don’t have an existing web presence, or might be frustrated with their current provider. "The sad truth," explains Scott Lucas, "is that until now, most people had only two choices for web design, spend a lot of money or do it yourself. I think we’ve found that nice middle ground, and the response from our customers has been extremely positive.” Testimonials abound at skywax and a quick look at the portfolio page speaks volumes.

“These sites are all custom designs by professional graphic artists,” said Dave Katz, lead designer for Skywax. “It takes an artistic eye to capture the slick look we’re going for, and our clients are in direct contact with the designers to ensure we’re meeting those expectations.” In keeping with their “no strings, no hidden fees” policy, Skywax requires no contract or term length. A non-technical company, managed by some hipper-than-most, 20 something’s (“actually 3 out of 4 of us are 30 now," says Jason Lucas), producing some very cool websites for small business owners. “Business owners have enough to think about just running their day-to-day operations, so launching a custom website can certainly seem overwhelming,” says Lucas in closing. “We take all the hassle and heartache out of getting a business owner into the space they know they need to be in … and we do it for $100.00 … it doesn’t get much better than that!”



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