S&J Co. Ltd. Unveils Ultra Portable Speaker ‘Eggy’

S&J Co., Ltd., a manufacturing specialist of computer
peripherals, released ultra portable speaker ‘Eggy’ equipped with innovative
idea and design.

As netbooks and notebooks have become popular in the market, ultra portable
speaker is also gaining popularity, which allows users to listen to music
anytime anywhere.

Eggy is composed of two speakers magnetically attached to each other, which
looks similar to an egg. With simple and compact design, Eggy fits into users’
hands perfectly. Also, even though Eggy is ultra portable with its micromini
20mm unit, its 2W output and digital amp guarantee fantastic sound quality,
close to the original sound. Especially, it uses USB interface as its power
source, and does not require any additional power.

S&J will participate in 2010 CES to be open in Las
next January in order to showcase, along with Eggy, Bike
Speaker (tentative name) which allows bike riders to listen to music when
riding, and USB memory with varying capacity from 4GB to 32GB.

Dongjun Seo , the CEO of S&J said, "With Eggy and other
iPod compatible and mobile products currently under development, S&J will
lead the new paradigm in the international portable mini speaker market."

S&J is an ODM (Original Development Manufacturing) specialist of Samsung
Electronics, which supplies a variety of products, including USB memory,
keyboard, mouse, web-cam and headset, as well as speakers. It is a high-end
system provider with not only meticulous QA standards but also product design
and development capabilities. Recently, the company has created its original
brand, VITCEN, and plans to release the products with differentiated design
concept, unlike Samsung’s ODM products. It has already established manufacturing
facilities in China and South Korea,
and the sales offices in the US, Europe and


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