Xyratex is World’s Largest Supplier of OEM Storage Systems

Xyratex Ltd, a leading provider of enterprise-class data storage
subsystems and storage process technology, announced that a just released market
study by IDC shows Xyratex as the world’s largest supplier of disk storage
systems to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market in 2008 by revenue.
Over the last three years Xyratex has improved its market share each year,
achieving the number one position in 2008.

In the report issued by IDC "Worldwide Disk Storage Systems 2008 Vendor
Shares: Year in Review," (IDC #220229, December 2009), Xyratex has attained the
number one position as the world’s largest OEM supplier. In this comprehensive
independent review of the worldwide disk storage market, IDC analyzed the market
share data of the top 33 disk storage system vendors as well as major storage
system OEM suppliers. In IDC’s assessment of OEM revenues for selected
suppliers, Xyratex ranked first in 2008. According to the report, Xyratex has
captured over 25% of the OEM disk storage systems market.

"Xyratex continues to deliver solid results in the storage market with
technical innovations and continued growth built on various design wins that
include next-generation products from key customers as well as new, large OEM
deals," said Liz Conner, Research Analyst, Storage Systems, IDC. "Xyratex is
well positioned to capitalize on the disk storage systems market given the
company’s growth trajectory, product roadmap, and the market demand for storage
systems which is forecast to reach $29.8 billion in 2013."

Xyratex offers a family of storage solutions built on a long history of
innovation resulting in high performance, robust reliability, and energy
efficiencies. The OneStor(TM) family is noteworthy by its flexible and scalable
architecture that reduces sustaining engineering costs and product qualification
expense. Xyratex OEMs are able to customize the system to meet a diverse set of
application workloads and environments ranging from data centers to distributed
operations. Xyratex also delivers a storage server platform that allows the
convergence of servers and storage in a single, flexible system that can be
optimized for diverse applications.

Despite the start of the downturn in late 2008 Xyratex’s storage systems
business grew 21.4% allowing the company to gain market share and move into the
number one position. In addition to strong revenue growth Xyratex shipped over
one exabyte of storage in 2008. Xyratex continues to strengthen its customer
base and provides storage to over half of the top 33 storage suppliers as ranked
by IDC.

"The result of IDC’s research validates Xyratex as the leader in worldwide
OEM disk storage systems and is a testament to our continued commitment to
providing our customers with a broad range of storage solutions," said Steve
Barber, chief executive officer, Xyratex. "The market demand for storage
continues to grow and Xyratex is well positioned with our broad portfolio of
products and capabilities to continue to meet customer demand. This latest IDC
report underscores the ongoing success of our innovative business and technology
for networked storage solutions."


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