ST-Ericsson and Nokia teamed up in the area of TD-SCDMA technology and solutions

Nokia and ST-Ericsson have announced a long-term partnership in the area of TD-SCDMA technology and solutions.  As part of the partnership, Nokia will be using ST-Ericsson as a key supplier of chipset platforms in its Symbian-based TD-SCDMA devices and solutions portfolio.

The partnership with ST-Ericsson will take Nokia’s industry leading involvement with the TD-SCDMA standard to the next level – enhancing both companies’ leadership position in China’s mobile market and creating a compelling user experience for Chinese consumers.

Nokia has made firm commitments to TD-SCDMA development.  Last month, the company launched the Nokia 6788, its first Symbian-based TD-SCDMA phone, and announced the creation of a dedicated TD-SCDMA R&D team in Beijing.

ST-Ericsson, a global leader in wireless platforms and semiconductors, is playing a leading role in China’s TD-SCDMA development.  The company, through its Chinese subsidiary T3G, has been dedicated to the creation of new TD-SCDMA technology and devices for more than six years.



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