For the Glory: A Europa Universalis Patch 1.1 Now Available

Crystal Empire Games has today
released the 1.1 patch for the acclaimed grand-scale historic strategy game, For
the Glory: A Europa Universalis Game.

Some of the fixes and improvements
in the 1.1 patch include:

  • Code optimized for increased
  • Fixed several bugs including
    colonization for Spain and Portugal and multiplayer annexation bug
  • Enhanced AI decisions for
    investments, trade and warfare
  • Reworked some game features,
    including transport capacities, colonists value, growth rate during war and
    constructions in progress for annexed countries
  • Extended settings for interface
    and color-scale options
  • Added information for badboy and
    estimated yearly income
  • Added eight sprite sets for naval
    and land

Game Vortex hails, "For the Glory
gives you everything you could ever want in a history-based strategy game,"
while GameSpot urged that, "fans of Europa Universalis 3 should pick [For the
Glory] up immediately." With the 1.1 patch, it’s a great time to see what all
the fuss is about.

The patch is available at all major
digital retailers. In order to avoid compatibility issues please download the
patch from the same place the game was purchased.


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