Llamasoft: Gridrunner Revolution online score tables, awesome new pricing

  • Llamasoft online scoreboards now open
  • Free upgrade for existing Gridrunner Revolution players
  • Gridrunner Revolution and Space Giraffe now available for under $10 each
  •  Both games available for an outstanding $14.99 the pair
  • Gridrunner Revolution soundtrack now available from Turbo Recordings

Llamasoft are positively stoked to announce that a much-requested
feature has been added to Gridrunner Revolution in the form of online
scoreboards for all play modes. Users can sign up in-game to join the
Llamasoft online scoreboards and rank themselves amongst players from
all over the world. The online score tables are viewable both in-game
and on the Llamasoft website.

We have spent a few weeks to create a robust and practical online
scoreboarding system which will be used in every new Llamasoft release
from now on. Register your profile once to have access to the system in
all upcoming Llamasoft releases on any platform.

The updated version of the game containing the online score
functionality is available right now. Existing users should just
download a new copy of the game, uninstall the old version and install
the new one. New menu options in-game allow users to register for and
use the online scoring system.

Furthermore, in the spirit of the season, we are offering our games
for an offer price which, if you haven’t already got them, you’d be as
crazy as a Scientologist to miss out on.

Both Gridrunner Revolution and Space Giraffe are now available for just $9.99 each.

Gridrunner Revolution is one of Metacritic’s Best 40 games of 2009.

It features a graphically unique style coupled with gameplay which
is enjoyable and accessible and which goes far beyond what appears at
first glance to be simple shoot-’em-up action; all set to a
pulse-pounding soundtrack created by the artists of Turbo Recordings.

Players learn that beauty is worth more than mere aggression, and
that using the game’s mechanisms creatively to achieve the most
aesthetically pleasing results is what truly yields the best scores.

Scores which you can now compare with other players all over the world thanks to the new Llamasoft online scoreboards.

That such a game is available for less than the price of a chicken Vindaloo is quite remarkable.

Space Giraffe PC is quite simply one of the best and deepest
abstract shooters ever made, and those who love it are truly passionate
about it to the point where many list it amongst the best games of all

Players learn to push the boundaries of their perception in order to
prevail in a game which leads them through astounding synaesthesiac
vistas to entirely new and inordinately pleasing states of mind.

Discover for yourself why PC Gamer rated this game a "Must Buy" at
92% and why Space Giraffe PC is considered by many to be one of the
most original and beautiful games ever. The PC release improves
considerably over its Xbox 360 ancestor, featuring enhanced shader
effects, extra levels, and sensuously accessible gameplay that will
invigorate your senses and expand your mind right from the very first

For such a groundbreaking game to be available for less than the
price of a couple of London pints represents outstanding value in both
gaming and recreational procedural neuromodification.

Perhaps most incredibly, in a Galaxy-shaking event the likes of
which has not been seen in this sector of the Universe since Great Lord
Xenu started blowing up space ghosts with H-bombs in Earth’s volcanoes
75 million years ago, Llamasoft has harnessed the power of Matter,
Energy, Space and Time to bring you both these excellent and
outstanding games for the seasonal sleighbell eggnog Rudolphtastic
price of only $14.99 for a bundle of both games. That you can buy two
of the best and most distinctive PC games of recent times, created by
Llamasoft (founded in 1982, one of the longest-established software
houses in existence, and still actually making software rather than
simply trying to sueanyone who dares to use the words "llama" or "soft"
in their games) for less than the price of a dodgy kebab and a tin of
Red Bull after the pubs have kicked out but you’re still pissed and
hungry – it’s truly one of the most outstanding bargains in the history
of Mankind, and a true marvel of the modern age.

The new versions of the games are available from Llamasoft right now:


And will be available on Direct2Drive as soon as the new build goes
live there (any time now; check the prices, when they are the new ones
then the new build will be live there) and shortly on Steam too.



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