Online Gaming Unleashed in the World of Monster Hunter

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games,
is pleased to announce that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP
(PlayStation Portable) will be one of the first titles playable online
using the adhocParty application when it launches on December 22nd.

Ad-Hoc Party mode will allow Monster Hunter Freedom Unite gamers the
freedom to embark together on quests without the need to be in close
proximity of their fellow hunters. From devising strategies to
executing attacks, players will need to work together as a team in
order to hunt down the hundreds of ferocious beasts that await them and
progress through the wide range of quests on offer.

“The success of activity such as the Gathering Hall in the UK, a
dedicated venue setup to facilitate multiplayer hunting sessions,
proves that people are keen to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with
friends and the new adhocParty service will make it even easier for
gamers to team up and play together not just in their own country but
throughout Europe” commented Michael Pattison, Senior Director,
Marketing, Europe.



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