Zoo Lasso gains Achievements; Featured by Apple in the iTunes App Store

Are you still quick on the draw? Are you ready to prove it?
Launching Pad Games is proud to present the first major update to Zoo
Lasso, its action puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. The update
introduces a comprehensive achievements system, based on the same
OpenFeint technology that powers the game’s popular online leaderboards.

In Zoo Lasso, you must round up the escaped wild animals! Rope in
lions, monkeys, zebras and parrots by drawing lassos with your finger,
then build up fantastic combos with figure-eights, combo leaves and
even crazier shapes. The new achievements system awards OpenFeint
Achievements for astute players, allowing you to track your progress
and earn bragging rights for difficult accomplishments.

Currently climbing the US App Store game charts, Zoo Lasso has this
week seen promotion by Apple in the“What We’re Playing” section
worldwide, as well as the“New and Noteworthy” section in the US store.

“Zoo Lasso is proving to be something of an underground success
story,” said Launching Pad Games co-founder Tim Knauf.“Every day we see
more and more people pick up and enjoy Zoo Lasso, and that’s everyone
from small children to the most hardened score-attack veteran. This
first update is our way of saying a hearty‘Thank you’ to every one of
our players.”

No animals harmed: honest!

To complement the update, Launching Pad Games has taken the
opportunity to assure all concerned citizens that no animals are harmed
in the playing of this game. Set your mind at ease in twenty seconds
with an entertaining and edifying YouTube presentation:




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