Sabeer Bhatia takes aim at Spam

Sabeer Bhatia is a man not short on ideas. The man who extracted $400 million from Microsoft by selling it Hotmail is planning to launch a new venture countering his creation’s biggest curse to date–spam. Speaking to an audience of technology entrepreneurs in Sydney last week, Hotmail co-founder Bhatia revealed he will shortly unleash a new product to liberate in-boxes of unsolicited offers of sex, drugs, and scams.

“I have invested in a [counter] spam company,” Bhatia said, adding that spam had become a “real problem” and that “if someone could create spam-free e-mail, that would be revolutionary”.

However, Bhatia remained wary of giving away any substantive detail on his new project, saying only that he considered there to be “intelligent solutions by putting an appliance at a network level.”

“You have to give a powerful system to users without taking away [functionality],” Bhatia said before dismissing outright Microsoft’s spam-killing proposal that users pay a nominal fee to send mail.

News source: PC World


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