NetQin Enters Retail Market Through Partnership with Cellular Spyware

NetQin Tech. Co., Ltd., the largest Chinese mobile security service provider, announced today their entrance into the North American retail market through the partnership with Cellular Spyware Inc., (NV) ("CSI’) d/b/a PhoneGuard.

PhoneGuard will launch its retail PhoneGuard card loaded on a Micro-SD card as a package deal on 167 kiosks in all the major high-end shopping malls for the holiday season as a 60-day test, in addition to launching the commercial version of "PhoneGuard Powered by NetQin" with a 14-day free trial on PhoneGuard is optimistic about the market potentials and plans to expand to over 300 kiosks by Q2 of 2010.

The retail availability of these award-winning mobile security products offers mobile phone users ready access to a more comprehensive alternative to virus, spyware, spam, phishing, hacker protection and intrusion detection and prevention.

Fast growth, large potential market

ITU forecasts that mobile users will hit 4.6 billion by the end of 2009 while Infonetics projects that over 1.5 billion new smartphone users worldwide will be added from 2008 to 2013. With highly increasing numbers of mobile applications, mobile security threats become more real than ever. Today’s smartphones are more likely to be PCs, with operating systems, storage, applications and wireless accesses to internet and enterprise networks. These applications make smartphones an enticing target for hackers and internet criminals, while users are overwhelmed by SMS spam, spywares and concerned about virus threats and privacy leakage as they have experienced on PCs.


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