Freeverse Flexes its Muscles with Thor, Coming Soon to the Apple App Store

Freeverse announced today that Thor
for the iPhone and iPod Touch will soon be hitting the iTunes App
Store. In this action packed side-scrolling game, players battle by
tapping and swiping their way through the dominions of the gods.

Playing as Thor during his epic journey through six earth, four ice
and three air based levels, users tap to gather energy orbs and
lightning bolts to power the magical hammer Mjolnir. Players must take
care to avoid the traps set by enemies and mythical creatures that
reduce their achievements to those of mere mortals. Those who have the
skills to guide Thor through each challenge will battle bosses and
navigate beautiful 3D-style terrain.

Obstacles hamper the legendary character throughout the game,
ensuring that Thor will provide a demanding quest for those worthy of
guiding a god. Those needing a little extra help can seek out the
hidden raven spies tucked away in every level. If all are uncovered,
players will receive score bonuses and achievements. Up to four local
user accounts can be created, making it easy for friends and family to
play and compete against each other in Thor.

Thor will be available soon on the Apple App Store for $3.99. For
screenshots and more information, please visit:


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