The Poet is available on the App Store just in time for Christmas

Altralogica s.r.l. is happy to announce that The Poet, a puzzle game
featuring famous quotes, is available for purchase on the App Store,
just in time for this Holiday season.

You start with a set of cards with one or more words written on each
of them, the goal is to compose the original sentence in the shortest
time by placing the cards in the correct order. You only have a limited
amount of tries and every time you place a card in the wrong order you
lose a life. As you progress in the game, the amount of cards will
increase. If you compose a correct sentence, you earn points and
bonuses and advance to the next level. The quicker you are at composing
the sentence, the more points you earn.

If you are in trouble, use one of the bonuses earned previously.
Bonuses include suggestions (first card, next card, first half of the
sentence) and a special“skip to the next sentence”. We took care of the
social component of the game, so every 10 levels you earn an
achievement that you can show off to your friends on Facebook by
publishing your score, favourite quotes and achievements.




  • Great graphics and exciting sound effects
  • Configurable difficulty levels
  • Automatic save/restore when you exit or receive a phone call
  • Shake the device to shuffle the cards
  • 10 different achievements
  • Facebook publishing system for quotes, high scores and achievements
  • Localized archive of quotes (English, Spanish and Italian)

Play The Poet and try to become the Master of Poetry!



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