Iron Fist Boxing Lite and Prestige Edition available at the iTunes AppStore

Now available in two versions : IRON FIST BOXING LITE Version with
In App Purchase and IRON FIST BOXING Prestige Edition, including the
Cheat Modes page and Iron Fist 4 Preview for iPhone 3GS.

IRON FIST BOXING features OpenGL ES 2.0 support with shaders
enabled for iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod touch and OpenGL ES 1.1
for IPhone 3G and other iPod touch models.

Game Features:

  • Experience high quality audio and real time 3D graphics never seen on iPhone.
  • Enjoy 6 game modes: Story mode, sparring, training and introducing
    the Speed Bag training, Punching Bag training and Punch-o-Meter.
  • Story mode: Experience a new world career in Brazil, Canada, Thailand, and USA.
  • Training mode: Train yourself for the Story mode.
  • Speed bag mode: Hit a speed bag as fast as you can.
  • Punching bag: Hit a punching bag in a given same sequence.
  • Punch-o-Meter: Hold you iPhone / iPod and hit as hard as you can.
  • Sparring mode: Play against your friends with Bluetooth Ad-hoc gaming.
  • Play up to 32 characters with MMA combat styles and more: Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Kick Boxing, Brawler and Full Contact.
  • New multitouch input system far more responsive for faster gameplay.
  • Gain access to the Worldwide online score board with TOP 100 and rankings with date.
  • Compare your stats with your friends wirelessly.
  • Gain access to new costumes and new attacks.
  • New camera views, characters can now move on the ring, many supermoves and dodges added.
  • Listen to your own iPod music and while still hearing in-game special sound effects.
  • The most advanced 3D engine on the iPhone featuring an automatic
    detection and activation for OpenGL 1.1 and OpenGL 2.0 render path
    and ARM Cortex A8 Neon and ARM 7 VFP optimized for maximum performance.
    Including 3D features like normal mapping texturing with specular
    masking, tone mapping, mesh skinning, motion blur, bloom post
    processing and more. A must have for iPhone 3GS owners.


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