Assyria Game Studio Announce Woolly the Jumper for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Assyria Game Studio are excited to announce the release of Woolly
the Jumper: A Sheep on the Edge, now available for the iPhone and iPod
Touch for just $0.99/59p!

Using the iPhone’s touch screen, players must calculate the angle
and power of Woolly’s jumps in order to bound across cliffs, avoid
dangerous falls and deadly obstacles in this vibrant 2D platformer. You
must help Woolly travel through the seasons quickly enough to avoid the
sadistic Farmer Brown closing in on his jet pack, and robbing Woolly of
his enormous fluffy coat.

Through Spring, Summer, Autumn and a perilous Winter, players can
collect a number of items from fruit and candy canes to a Christmas
pudding, and compare high scores with friends and other players around
the world using AGON Online.


  • Four levels of rising difficulty
  • Progressively harder puzzles, with moving platforms, obstacles and precision jumps
  • Collection of achievements to earn
  • Integrates AGON Online for high score leaderboards


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