IGT Revolutionizes the Gaming Industry With sbX System

IGT’s sbX(TM) Experience Management System is the ultimate catalyst for change and it’s currently installed at ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter. Flexibility. Choice. Value. sbX(TM) is the future, and it’s available today.

"sbX(TM) is four years in the making and it’s just what we wanted it to be," Eric Tom, executive vice president of North American sales and marketing of IGT, said. "With sbX(TM), our customers have more choice than ever in how they operate a casino floor. With a touch of a button, they can cater to a particular demographic using highly targeted marketing tools. In minutes, they can reconfigure a floor to enhance performance. And in seconds, a player can switch games and tailor their own gaming experience – all at one machine. We are very excited."

As the industry’s first server-based gaming solution, sbX(TM) lets operators run their casino floors how they want, with the games they want, and the player interaction they want – all with the potential of lowered operational costs, improved efficiency, and more satisfied players. Change is also in the cards for the player experience. With sbX(TM), players can now choose the games they play, experience better communication with a property, and tap into an experience they’ve customized.

"sbX(TM) and the Service Window afford us never-before-seen opportunities with our customers," said Bill McBeath, president and chief operating officer of ARIA. "We can offer them customization, choices and personalized service. sbX(TM) makes us unique and gives us a competitive edge."

The sbX(TM) system provides the first G2S game management solution, and incorporates the award-winning Service Window, sbX(TM) Floor Manager and Media Manager, and the IGT Advantage® casino management system. There is no system in the industry like sbX(TM).

The sbX(TM) Service Window provides a unique player interaction experience, right at the slot machine. When the player inserts his players club card, a special "window" slides the game screen over, providing a menu of information and services the player and operator can customize, all designed to improve the player experience.

sbX(TM) Floor Manager allows access to the IGT game library, letting operators reconfigure a casino floor with the touch of a button. And no longer will casino patrons have to comb the floor for their favorite games – this gives more options at the players’ fingertips, all on one machine.

sbX(TM) Media Manager enables targeted messages and services to the Service Window. Casinos have a new, more effective way to market to players and differentiate their property with sbX(TM).

sbX(TM) also serves as a yield management system, allowing operators to notify patrons of specials and offers throughout the property, helping move inventory.

IGT completed multiple field trials and gained customer feedback to create the most effective and streamlined tools in sbX(TM). The system is also a product of collaboration. As the industry’s first GSA-compliant server-based solution, sbX(TM) was designed to operate on a floorwide or hybrid network, connecting multiple manufacturer’s games to create a seamless experience for the player and a more cost-effective floor management solution for operators. IGT has brought sbX(TM) to market with an emphasis on interoperability.


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