ZeMis offers Kindle Global wireless reading device

ZeMis, which specializes in selling travel related products while promoting world culture and nature appreciation at the same time, is pleased to showcase its online gadgets store featuring the best selling Kindle Global wireless reading device and Flip.

“Gadgets constantly rank on the Top 10 best selling items for the holiday year after year. They are also on top of the list of products people shop for online. They can check out the web for comprehensive technical information, compare prices among different sites and buy it right there all from home.”, said Managing Director for the online store ZeMis. ZeMis’ Marketing Consultant, Noy Cruz also quipped, “ZeMis provides world travelers everything they need and desire. Aside from all the Kindle versions, we offer various models of Flip Camcorders and Garmin GPS gadgets. Not only can our site guests travel in style but also, they can travel prepared.” Formerly known as World Charms, ZeMis aims to offer a varied but high quality selection of well-known and reliable brands for personal and office gadgets at the best prices.

The Gadgets Department of ZeMis features personal gadgets for home and office use as well as for travel. Most are trusted brands like Kindle wireless reading device by Amazon, Flip Ultra HD camcorders, Franklin electronic dictionary/language translator, Kingston data traveler flash drive, iPods, Blackberry Bold, Canon SLR cameras, Garmin GPS devices, Bose Speaker Systems as well as accessories for these gadgets. ZeMis provides these items at the lowest price available on the net.

Aside from these well-known gadget brands, ZeMis’ electronic gadget store offers media entertainment items like iPod docking stations, Harman Kardon speaker systems, Nintendo DSi/DS Lite and Sony portable DVD players. ZeMis also provides cool electronic gadgets for home and office use like shredders from Fellowes, language translators and Kodak digital picture frames.

ZeMis, an online specialty department store, can be accessed on the web at www.zemis.com. It sells world culture gift products sourced from around the world, and plans to deliver them to any doorstep on Earth. It aims to promote awareness and understanding of various cultures, histories and religions by allowing its customers to send gifts from different parts of the globe to someone they care about.

ZeMis searches the world for hard-to-find, truly unique, fun, and useful gifts and supports the artisans, craftsmen, tribal groups, and cottage industries behind them. It currently offers products such as artisan artwork, handcrafted costume jewelry, organic toys, natural bed and bath products and other eco-crafts. In addition, ZeMis sells music from various cultures, including Parisian, Mediterranean, Latin and African tribal tunes as well as a comprehensive selection of both popular and hard to find world cinema or foreign language DVD’s directed by movie legends such as Jean Luc Godard, Frederico Fellini, Francois Truffaut and Akira Kurosawa. Books that discuss the Global Village trend or world culture are also available at the best prices online.

ZeMis recently launched its language learning video collection where adults and children alike can learn a language using fun, easy to understand methods. ZeMis also offers Ni Hao Kai Lan videos, based on the popular Nick Jr. character and The Adventures of Walker and Ping Ping DVD’s to address the growing demand to learn Mandarin at a young age.

Last October, ZeMis held its first ever online promotion where it gave away a handful of trendy fashion accessories beginning with their first prize – Christian Louboutin’s signature Mini Aoinoeud evening bag. This went to Salome U. from Manila. For 2nd prize, they gave away something for the men – a Lancel neck tie. This was won by Graham C. from London. 3rd prize is ZeMis gave away its very own Spinning Disks Neckpiece as its 3rd prize which went to Patrick C. from New York.

ZeMis utilizes Amazon’s e-commerce technology in order to provide ZeMis guests a safe, secure, and convenient online shopping experience. Transaction processing for ZeMis is handled by Amazon so buyers can use their Amazon.com account to order and checkout.


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