HPC Opteron Server Solution by ACMA Develops

ACMA delivers a potent 1U high-performance, high memory rackmount solution for the server market.  The availability of the new Rackplex 7104X 1U SCSI and SATA solutions provide all levels of the market with the ability to better manage and utilize memory intensive deployments and applications.

The heart of the Rackplex 7104X is powered by the SW330 server board designed by Arima Computer Corporation, which offers versatility in the forms of onboard Infiniband, server management, and 16 DIMM slots. The cutting-edge SW330 supports the latest ServerWorks chipsets in conjunction with dual core AMD Opteron processors, which boost performance of up to 40% and compatible with major Operating Systems.  Furthermore, the focus of this solution is the large number of DIMM slots that allow customers with the flexibility of achieving the total desired memory density with lower density memory modules, resulting in significant lower cost for the same memory density. High-quality and high availability are key features clients look for in a server solutions manufacturer.

“In past years, clients requiring systems capable of larger memory counts have had limited selections,” says Kimon Tzaratzouris, ACMA Sales Manager.  “More often than not, the solutions were not cost effective or available.  By listening to our clients, ACMA had set out and successfully designed the Rackplex 7104X to attain a finely tuned balance between performance and value.”

Rackplex 7104X is currently being offered in a 1U rackmountable, 4 Hot-swappable bay SCSI or SATA2 system solution.  Additional server form factors, including 2U to 8U, are forthcoming on the near horizon.  For added value, all form factors will also be available with optional integrated Mellanox Infiniband for those who will require blazing network speeds.  Look to and count on ACMA to be the premier server systems solution provider for your every need!


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