Hackers break Amazon’s Kindle DRM

Christmas Sale for Amazon? An Israeli hacker has announced that he has managed to break the system of digital rights management, or DRM, associated with its electronic book reader, the Kindle. Thus, it becomes possible to export to PDF eBooks acquired proprietary format used by Amazon in its booth download the. AZW.

Labbe, the author of this hack, merely is a "challenge" issued on the forums hacking.org. In publishing the rules for operating the flaw he discovered, he still takes care to remind his tool that is intended to be used on books purchased legally for use on other devices that Kindle. Interoperability as a justification of piracy? Amazon has so far not responded to the announcement, but probably will respond quickly.

Sold approximately at 175 euros, the Kindle is now the most exported product to France from the U.S. site of Amazon. It opens access to a catalog of some 300,000 books, among which we find at the moment that few books in French. Very popular across the Atlantic, he now faces competition from more and more sustained. Sony or Barnes & Noble now offer competing terminals while offering considerable develops mobile, notably through the App Store from Apple.


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