Sony announces that Playstation home has 10 million users

Sony just make the announcement, the PlayStation Home has
been trodden since its launch ten million pairs of feet. Fortunately, the
PlayStation 3 is not (yet) Odorama. Many people criticize negatively PS Home.
But that returns are positive or not does not affect the numbers for the

Sony has not been very proud of us that the PlayStation Home
now has ten million users. Not bad for only a year old.

And that the firm Nippon said it is not long not to consider
the PS Home as "a priority". It is going to have to undertake to meet
these ten million visitors, right?

New, because it takes

Along with the announcement of this result, Sony took the
opportunity to let us know that three new virtual spaces will soon be available
to us (or are already for some). They relate Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time and MotorStorm thereafter.

Whether 2010 will contain within its friendly and attractive
for the new PlayStation Home, and if it will be populated with 20 million
members in a year he would ask the stars for some kind of response


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