The eye of judgement in pictures legends: PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment has officially announced the
development of the PSP version of The Eye of Judgment. The first images were


Refined as the flagship of the PlayStation Eye, The Eye of
Judgment promised a board game digitized very ambitious integration of 3D
models on cards placed in front of the camera lens from Sony. And yet the
result has not proved too classy after the beast in hand, as his interest in
the long term can be stifled if indeed we do not worship dedicated to the Magic



Raised last summer in the Games com, The Eye of Judgment
Legends will form a new episode of the license, for once exclusive to the PSP.
In this light, the soft does not require the PS Eye, the plateau and the
monsters being fully modeled using the graphics engine the game total of more
than 300 cards may be used, containing thirty unusual creatures. These advantages
can be gleaned over the game, or online via trade or when you win a battle
against a friend.



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