Florida to get its first Digital Media Incubator from MEHTA Group

MEHTA Group will officially convert their 30,000 square foot office building, located across the street from Full Sail University near the corner of University Blvd and Semoran Blvd (S.R.436), into Florida’s first Digital Media Incubator focused on 3D Interactive technology sector. The industry cluster-centric MEHTA Incubator and “Cooperative” will focus on the 3D Interactive technology sector and house 3D technology innovators, content creators, game developers, simulation companies, animation studios and other 3D interactive sector leaders.

MEHTA Group is the parent company of Helios Interactive which recently launched GameCore 2.0, the newest release of their 3D game creation toolset, at the June 30th DMAF Digital Media Seminar hosted by Full Sail University. “Since our GameCore 2.0 product launch event, we’ve received a lot of interest from companies and individuals who wanted to locate near us to have easier access to our technology, knowledge and support,” said Ravé Mehta, CEO of Helios Interactive and Managing Director of MEHTA Group.

In 2007, the 3D Interactive sector was quantified to be a $67 billion marketplace worldwide, which includes Games, Modeling and Simulation, Medical Simulation and Corporate Training sectors. However, with new technologies such as GameCore and their ability to now stream 3D content through the Internet directly into your web browser, the 3D Interactive market is projected to be significantly larger.

“This is a positive step in Metro Orlando’s goal of ‘world domination’ in the digital media industry,” says Ray Gilley, President & CEO of the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission (EDC).

Current 3D Interactive company occupants in the MEHTA Incubator include Helios Interactive (game development studio and the creators of GameCore); MEHTA Interactive (3D visualization and simulation division of MEHTA Group); IMI Labs (3D virtual world developers); ZeeGee Games (Game Developers), Digital Media Alliance Florida (the State’s Digital Media industry association) and numerous others currently under evaluation.

“With the executive director of Digital Media Alliance Florida, the chairman of Florida’s Digital Media Banner Center Industry Advisory Council, the chairman of the International Game Developers Association’s Orlando chapter, and other digital media and 3D interactive leaders in one location, the MEHTA Incubator is already drawing interest from a new crop of progressive 3D Interactive companies that want to locate in Winter Park,” said Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley.

MEHTA’s non-traditional Incubator is based upon an Industry Cluster “Co-op” strategy
Where traditional incubators focus on recruiting early-stage companies in broad economic sectors such as ‘technology’ and furnishing them with a host of start-up training services, MEHTA is developing a new incubation model centered around an industry cluster “cooperative”, where companies at early and mature stages, within a specific industry sub-sector such as 3D Interactive technology, can co-locate in the same building to benefit from each other’s interaction, industry knowledge and experience, while bringing together professional and social environments for like-minded entrepreneurs and developers who tend to work 12-16 hour days when it’s not crunch time. In addition to accounting, legal, financing and other traditional start-up services, MEHTA has recruited massage therapists, yoga instructors, and personal trainers into the building to help developers keep their mind, body and spirit balanced to help them get through those high-stressed deadlines.

“We’re excited to be part of the MEHTA Incubator partnership because the 3D Interactive industry cluster represents a huge opportunity for Florida that can lead to the creation of high valued jobs in both entrepreneurial and established companies, and it’s happening organically, driven solely by the needs of industry.” said Jud French, Executive Director of Digital Media Alliance Florida (DMAF), the state’s leading digital media industry association. “This initiative directly advances a primary DMAF mission objective to facilitate collaboration and partnerships that strengthen the digital media industry and its workforce for global competition.”

The MEHTA Digital Media 3D Interactive incubator is located at 1 Purlieu Place in Winter Park, near the corner of University and Semoran boulevards, in close proximity to three major educational and research institutions: Full Sail University, University of Central Florida and Rollins College.

“Being in close quarters to Full Sail University, UCF and Rollins College, the MEHTA Incubator is an ideal location for us to recruit, develop and hire new talent,” said newest tenant Dustin Clingman, CEO of IMI Labs and Chairman of International Game Developer’s Association (Orlando Chapter).


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