Privacy Partners launches Private Proxy for Windows 7

Privacy Partners, the developer of award-winning Internet and computer privacy software, announced today that its anonymous proxy server, Private Proxy, now supports Windows 7.

With Windows 7 on the market and increased demand by customers looking for an anonymous proxy that works with Windows 7, Privacy Partners released a product version supports the new operating system. Now Windows 7 users can surf anonymously using the same anonymous proxy software that users of previous versions of Windows were using.

Increasingly, people are looking for a safe and secure way to product both their privacy and freedom on the Internet. Private Proxy has 4 different private servers with each having multiple IP addresses that rotate every 30 minutes. This gives users multiple servers to choose from in order to surf the Internet with an anonymous IP address. When the users change IP addresses, they can appear to be surfing from a different geographic location thus protecting their online identity.

Private Proxy encrypts the Internet communications between their browser and the Private Proxy anonymous servers enabling users to surf through a secure tunnel. With a secure tunnel, users are able to feel safe knowing that their browser communications are not tracked and cannot be accessed by hackers.

Private Proxy comes with a 7 day free trial allowing users to decide if they want to keep the service without having to spend any money. Along with the 7 day free trial, Privacy Partners offers two options for its users: they can subscribe to a monthly service for $9.95 or choose a quarterly option for only $24.95.


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