Iphone now provides better services for cancer patients

The latest free Apple IPhone app to hit the ITunes store is
CA123, an aggregator of the latest news and information about cancer and cancer
treatments for patients, the public and professionals.

From video to podcasts, blogs to clinical trial information, CA123 is a
one-stop source for everything about cancer and cancer treatment. In addition,
CA123 gives up to the minute news about cancer and is a starting place to launch
a search or connect to the most reliable and broadest sources of information
about cancer. “It has everything you want to know about cancer in 3 clicks of
the mouse!”, says Dr. James G Schwade, a renowned oncologist and one of the
apps creators and content managers

Anyone who wants to find out the latest developments in cancer research and
treatment will find this comprehensive and easily navigated app to be a useful
tool and guide. Not only is the latest online news available, but podcasts,
blogs and commentary from leading cancer experts are quickly accessed. Links
are provided to the leading information websites and institutional sources,
saving time and effort for those seeking authoritative answers to
investigational and therapeutic options.


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