Gallen technologies will introduce Iphone ipod touch Sphere raider game

In keeping with its mission statement, Leading game developer Gallen Technologies, LLC announced today special Holiday Pricing for its innovative iPhone iPodTouch game SPHERE RAIDER, ™. In the spirit of the holiday season, it is releasing the game for $.99 cents.

The tech community and players continue to give SPHERE RAIDER, ™ top grades.

iPhone-Scoop calls SphereRaider “An excellent buy for the holiday season, especially if you feel that you are missing out on a lot of action and would like to channelize your spare time into some wonderful gaming adventures.”

Applebites recognizes the unique inventive nature of the game. “Sphere Raider with a unique idea, is a accelerometer, and touch based control iPhone and iPod Touch game. The first thing you notice about this game is that it’s an invention, rather than being copied from other game eras.”

Techgadgets recognizes the enticing nature of the game. It says: “the enticing Sphere Raider makes itself overly special by bringing the entire game at the users’ fingertips. Always available on demand, the game emerges to be an ideal companion for users walking alone like a glum chum. Brandishing its amazing playability, mesmerizing graphics and snappy colors, the game for sure engrosses and opens up a new realm of true entertainment.”

Players love the game. They say it’s everything from “cool” to “addictive” to awesome.

The design team worked seven months to bring a unique product to the market. SPHERE RAIDER, ™ has universal appeal and is enjoyed by all ages. Its amazing graphics are enhanced with brilliant colors. With its ten levels of play, it’s designed to challenge every player. Player’s call it the little pal in the phone.


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