Passcovery unveils Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery 2.9

When you set up access to an email account using a client program like MS Outlook, WindowsLive, Thunderbird or Eudora, you give the program your email password for automatic access. From that moment on the email client takes care of your password and you never have to enter it again. Right?

But what about when you move your account to a new computer, switch to a new email client or try to backup your account before installing a new operating system? Ah yes, that email password:

Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery instantly retrieves email passwords and restores access to the email accounts saved on your computer.

"We think the best thing about this program is that it recovers email passwords almost instantaneously," says Passcovery’s Dennis Gladysh. "And better yet, Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery doesn’t care what email client a user is running: Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live,
Thunderbird, The Bat!, Eudora or even less common email clients."

Affordable Solution
Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery runs on all Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows 7. A limited trial version is available for download on the product page. A corporate license costs $25 and a home license for one computer costs $35.

Passcovery Ltd. develops Windows solutions for password recovery. The company currently offers over 20 products for recovering passwords to popular file formats such as Microsoft Office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, email clients and more. For more information on Passcovery’s over 20 applications, visit:


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