Linux 2.6.33-rc1 is now unleashed

So the merge window is closed, and -rc1 is out there now.

Talking about the merge window: there were a _lot_ of trees
that left their pull requests pretty dang late. Not everything I merged
yesterday and today were late pull requests, but a lot of it was. I’m used to
have a fairly busy last day of the merge window, but it was a busy last two
days this time – definitely worse than usual.

The two-week merge window is _not_ supposed to be "one
day merge window after thirteen days of silence". In fact, I think that
next time around I’ll make the merge window be 11-12 days instead, and people
who try to

game the system and do a last-minute pull request will get a
surprise, and get unceremoniously bumped to 2.6.35 instead.

Anyway, apart from that grumbling, it’s been a fairly normal
merge window, I think. According to git dirstat (which got fixed to give more
accurate numbers), the distribution of changes is pretty much


* 1/3rd staging

* 1/3rd "rest
of drivers"

* 1/3rd
"everything else"

with about half of that final "everything else"
third being arch stuff, and half being random other things (firmware, fs, net).

Notable additions? There’s a number of drivers, and
depending on which ones you use, you’ll find them more or less notable. I
personally like how I finally got to merge the Nouveau code, for example.
Others will care about other things.


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