International Typeface Corporation Announces 37 Exclusive New Fonts

ITC has introduced new fonts from the ITC Astro, ITC Tyke, ITC Resavska and ITC Anna families. All are available for PC and Mac in PostScript and TrueType formats, with ITC Astro also available in OpenType format.
News source: Graphics News The Art Deco-flavored ITC Anna typeface, which was released in 1991, will strike a familiar note with many type users. The family was later expanded with a suite of swash and alternate characters. Now, more than 10 years later, Daniel Pelavin has rounded out the family with a bold weight: ITC Anna Extended. ITC Anna Extended is available for $39.95. The ITC Anna family of four fonts can be purchased for $99.

The 37 new fonts can be viewed and purchased from


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