AMD providing update for Opteron processor

AMD uses a technology called PowerNow to control power supply to the processor depending upon how much of the processing power is being used. It helps in saving power bills on cooling and even enhancing the life of the processor in the long run.

News source: TechWhack Until now, this technology was only available in its laptops and desktop microchips. AMD reports that the chips manufactured since May have been incorporating the technology and users would soon be able to utilize it by downloading a BIOS update. The system support for PowerNow is expected to be available by the beginning of next year.

The technology uses microprocessor instructions and software to control the power supply to the processor. Desktops have been equipped with this since quiet sometime and now Servers would be able to do so! As per consumer software strategist at AMD Margaret Lewis: “It’s kind of like the fan on your car knowing to kick in when your engine reaches a certain hotness.”

The way my computer is making noise (from three separate fans in the cabinet), I know we need intelligent devices to lower the sounds from computers.


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