Pixetell Hyperlens Technology unleashed its new webcamera

The developer of Pixetell, announced the availability of an exciting new webcam technology: the Pixetell Hyperlens(TM).

The Hyperlens is new webcam technology, produced by Ontier that allows the user extensive flexibility when using the webcam as part of a recorded video communication. The Hyperlens allows the sender to speak through the lens as they show and tell about anything they are looking at on their computer screen. Not only is Hyperlens innovative and engaging, but it gives the user an additional tool for clearly explaining website designs, proposals, or even narrating photos.

"Major players are dumping a lot of money into video collaboration technologies and 2010 should be a big year for video," said Sebastian Rapport, Ontier founder and CEO. "Pixetell Hyperlens goes way beyond simple webcam video messages. It integrates you right into your desktop so you can show and share anything you’re looking at, and that’s where the real value is–in the content."

The Pixetell Hyperlens is incredibly easy to use and you can send messages in seconds. Just record your screen and turn on the Hyperlens. If you right-click on the lens, you can select other lenses. You can put your image from your webcam on a Big Time Billboard, wrapped around an Escher Reflecting Sphere, on all sides of a 3D cube and much more–even behind the wheel of an RV. They’re all captivating, and guaranteed to catch your eye–and the eye of the person you’re trying to communicate with.

Release of the Hyperlens software comes just six weeks after Ontier announced a package of new features that facilitated the creation and editing of Pixetell messages. The Hyperlens software was the Ontier development team’s response to a challenge from Rapport to find a way to make the webcam feature of Pixetell more flexible and user friendly.

"I wanted to break our users out of the boring old webcam box and give them something exciting," Rapport said. "What our guys came up with far exceeded my expectations. It’s a hoot and I find myself using the webcam more than ever. The rear view mirror is my favorite one of the bunch."

Hyperlens greatly increases the communications options available to Pixetell users.

"There are many more uses for the Hyperlens that perfectly complement your Pixetell message, and there are lots of Hyperlenses to choose from," Rapport said. "It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s compelling. Just one more way that Pixetell helps your messages rise above the noise."

System Requirements and Availability Pixetell is Windows 7 ready and supports Windows XP and Vista. Subscriptions to Pixetell Basic and Pixetell Pro can be purchased for $9 and $19 respectively with a 21-day free trial.


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