Leawo released its DVD to MP4 Converter

The professional provider of various media format convert solutions, today announced a new stable release of its free DVD to MP4 Converter on its website. This latest edition of Leawo Free DVD to MP4 Converter has resolved some performance obstacles. Users may find the new free DVD to MP4 Converter convert DVD to MP4 videos faster and smoother.

What’s new in Leawo Free DVD to MP4 Converter
1. Updated DVD decoding and video encoding engine. The new engine furnishes good compatibility with new multi-core CPUs and multimedia instructions. By taking advantage of new technology, users can enjoy speed boost in DVD to MP4 conversion.
2. Fixed stream lost associated with some format outputs. Relative encoding algorithm has been improved.
3. Fixed soundtrack lost with some format outputs. The encoding algorithm has been examined and improved addressing to this issue.
4. Corrected the default size displaced in some profiles.
5. Eliminated the redundant empty stream after converting some titles. The convert algorithm has been optimized on video convert accuracy.

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