Talking computers to be the future

Google research director Peter Norvig recently discussed several aspects concerning the future of innovation, search programs, artificial intelligence, advertising, and media distribution. Norvig says that Google researchers are "are always reinventing things," which he says creates an environment that attracts the top people. "We’re driven by the fact that we’ve got to have more users, more documents, and more speed," he says. The future of searching is in video, Norvig says. Google is working on indexing the actual content of the video as well as developing speech-recognition technology to index the words spoken in the video. Norvig anticipates more voice-activated commands in the future of computing and Internet manipulation. He says computers will be able to analyze searches and help users make sense of how group search results can be used together. Norvig’s personal interests are in artificial intelligence and how it relates to advertising online. The goal is to create as many different modes of interaction as possible, so users can choose how to receive information. Speech recognition and computer vision also are very important to the future of online advertising. "You have a phone with a compass in it and there’s StreetView that you can orient to the real world and it’s not a big step from there to put advertising on it.


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