NBA Hotshot all set to release for iphone

NwerTech has begun shipping a new window mount designed for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Freeverse has announced that NBA Hotshot will soon be available on the App Store. Meanwhile, a Minnesota elementary school has launched a pilot program utilizing the iPod touch for classroom assignments.

NewerTech’s new window mount integrates a cradle specifically designed for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The suction panel allows users to attach the mount inside a vehicle, on a desk, or on a tray table for airplane travel. Devices can be oriented as needed, while the flexible neck is also claimed to be stiff enough to prevent drooping or unwanted vibration. Customers can now purchase the mount directly from the company for $20.

Freeverse has submitted its officially-licensed NBA Hotshot game to be approved for sale on the App Store. Players can flick their finger to shoot basketballs toward the hoop, with the goal of landing as many shots as possible before the time runs out. Special team-balls can be won for use in the game, while up to five players can play against each other via Bluetooth. The game will launch for an introductory price of $1, with the cost eventually rising to $2.

The Somerset Elementary School in Minnesota has launched a new program utilizing the iPod touch for in-class assignments, according to The Pioneer Press. Students use the device for vocabulary drills, solving mathematical problems, and other activities. Teachers are using apps such as Word Salad, TanZen, and States and Capitols, among others.


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