The Simpsons Arcade for iphone out now at appstore

Electronic Arts’ latest creation is part The Simpsons Game, part The (original) Simpsons Arcade. Gameplay is similar to that of the recently released platform game, while the controls and general interface feels remarkably similar to the latter. It certainly follows the same principal of the games it borrows from – simply guide your character through a series of challenges and tasks to win. Thankfully, the app does more than just provide a few minutes of entertainment on a long bus/train/ferry ride. From what I’ve played, I’ve found that it’s actually a much more exciting and more importantly, addictive game than I initially thought.

The introduction to each challenge is impeccable. It’s not just a skip-through-it-to-get-to-the-game show, it’s actually quite fun to watch (and it provides you with just about all you need to start playing). As for the menus, EA’s developers have put quite a bit of effort into really making it look like a true arcade-style app – right down to the opening animation, where a coin is inserted to start up the virtual machine (in a very Simpson-y fashion). It’s kind of gimmicky, but I know I get a kick out of it every time. Right from the first challenge, if Homer happens to lose a life while you’re engaged in combat with the approaching henchmen (as shown above), you have to slap him (by swiping across the screen, of course) to wake him up again. Again, gimmicky but fun.

The Simpsons Arcade was much better than I thought it to be. Unlike so many brand-games, if you will, The Simpsons Arcade is engaging and above all, enjoyable. The attention to detail that has so clearly been poured into the game has payed off for EA. It’s already selling well on the App Store, and rightfully so. The Simpsons Arcade is definitely one of the better games to come out of EA, with enough depth to justify the $6 expense.


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