God Eater in pictures on PSP

Exclusive to the PSP, God Eater materializes as a Monster Hunter-like quality, designed to be carried up to four cooperative online. Instead of presenting itself as a pale copy of the license Capcom juicy, soft features gameplay of its own. Indeed, the heroes will have specific weapons that have the ability to absorb the souls of enemies (called Aragami). Each team has three forms: blade, firearm and predatory form. In addition, several shooting modes can be configured as shown on the pictures below.

Via the system Deus Ex Machina, players need only press one button to switch from one appearance to another. In predator mode, the weapon can literally absorb Aragami and their abilities and special attacks. These new functions acquired will be used only on a limited but can be briefly sent to a friend. Finally, know God Eater have a story mode with more than 100 missions, playable solo. God Eater released February 4, 2010 in Japan.


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