AMD 6 core processors planned for 2010

AMD plans to launch two processors with six cores in 2010, in response to Intel Core i7 980X rival Intel.

The information on this subject are relatively thin at the moment, but sources confirm, AMD has indeed proposed to launch two six-core processors next year, during the second quarter 2010 to be precise.

Responding to the code name Thuban, these six CPU cores enjoy a fine engraving of 45 nanometers (recall: 1 nm equals 10 ^ -9 m). They will integrate 6MB of cache and third level will be supported by the memory type DDR3 1 333 MHz.

Designed to integrate desktop computers, these new processors exploit the socket AM3, which will make them compatible with most current motherboards.

No details yet. It will therefore have to arm themselves with a little patience until the official presentation to learn more about the characteristics and judge performance with independent testing to follow.


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