iPod touch application hits massive growth in downloads

iPod touch app downloads rose almost 1,000 percent on Christmas Day, says analytics firm Flurry. The figure is notably far in excess of downloads from the iPhone, and still more unusual given the standard dominance of the latter device. Overall App Store downloads grew 51 percent between November and December, as compared to a 15 percent rise between October and November.
The spike and the month-to-month growth is thought to be attributable to parents buying Touches for children and teenagers, who typically download more apps than adults. Christmas is also noted to be a day of high app sales in general. The Touch has nevertheless become extremely significant to Apple in terms of app sales, according to Flurry’s VP of marketing, Peter Farago.

The main rival to the App Store, the Android Market, is observed to have grown sales 20 percent between November and December. Here the explanation is believed to be the Motorola Droid, possibly the most popular Android-based phone in the US. Some 49 percent of Christmas Android app sales are attributed to the Droid, dwarfing numbers for other phones such as the HTC Hero.

The App Store remains considerably more successful than the Android Market, with 13 times the level of downloads.


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