JollysFastVNC 1.0 out now for MAC OS X

Independent software developer Patrick Stein is delighted to introduce JollysFastVNC 1.0, his powerful new ARD and VNC client for Mac OS X. Perfect for IT managers, web developers and casual users alike, JollysFastVNC was developed from the ground up utilizing the latest Cocoa technologies. It is very fast, and aims to be the best and most secure VNC client on the Mac platform.

Offering secure SSH tunneling, SSL, and built-in SOCKS support, JollysFastVNC organizes the most useful features within a compact, straightforward UI that is intuitive and quick to work with. JollysFastVNC will see bonjour hosts automatically as well as the ability to set hosts to auto-connect when visible.

Control a computer fast and secure from anywhere. JollysFastVNC offers fullscreen and multi-monitor support, and like any true Mac-based utility, embraces the Mac login and keyboard character set along with full international keyboard support as well. Users will appreciate JollysFastVNC’s remote cursor support and automatic pasteboard synchronization. JollysFastVNC serves as a complement to the developer’s ScreenRecycler application.

Among only one of JollysFastVNC’s most unique features is its SmartZoom functionality for viewing large remote desktops. When viewing any screen remotely which is larger than the users local screen, they can get part of the Desktop zoomed to a 1:1 ratio – allowing them to see the entire screen at-a-glance, and preventing the need to scroll around.

Feature Highlights:
* Fast, Comfortable and Simple User Interface
* Secure – SSH tunneling, SSL, SOCKS support inbuilt
* Mac login and keyboard support
* Multiple connections, Fullscreen, Multimonitor support
* SmartZoom for viewing large remote desktops
* International keyboard support
* Reverse connections including automated NatPNP / UPnP support
* WakeOnLan support
* Global/Specific hierachical preferences
* Bonjour including auto-connection to Bonjour hosts
* Remote cursor support – including smartzoom movement
* Automatic pasteboard synchronization
* Windows login and domain login support
* vnc:// and jfvnc:// url schemes for opening VNC connections from other programs
* VNC encodings ZRLE, Tight, zlib, rre, hextile, raw, copyrect, resolution change, pixelformat change, lastrect and some more

"When I developed ScreenRecycler, I thought initially that there were enough VNC clients to adequately support it, said Patrick Stein, JollysFastVNC’s developer. "When the program started to get useful, I realized that most alternative VNC clients were pretty slow. Some of the better clients run fine but do not support the Intel architecture. Without a proper viewer users can’t access ScreenRecycler in a way I imagined. So I started programming JollysFastVNC to enable people using ScreenRecycler. As customer feedback grew, I enhanced the program to be a fully functional VNC client."

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 (Leopard) or higher
* Mac OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatible
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 2.6 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
JollysFastVNC 1.0 is available as a single-user license for 29 Euros ($39 USD). A 40% discount is available for ScreenRecycler users and a 30% early bird discount. A JFVNC and ScreenRecyceler Bundle is available for $49 (USD). Payment is handled via eSellerate.


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