To Provide Test and Development Data Management Grid-Tools Partners with Teradata

Grid-Tools Ltd , specialists in data generation, test data management and information lifecycle management, today announced a partnership with Teradata Corporation, the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics. Grid-Tools’ test data management software, GT Datamaker, is in development for optimization to run on Teradata systems to provide solutions requiring database subsetting, data masking and data generation.

Grid-Tools Technical Director, Paul Blundell, commented with enthusiasm on the new partnership. “Teradata’s platform family delivers an innovative and economically attractive value proposition which continues to maintain the top spot in the industry,” said Blundell. “Grid-Tools is happy to build full integration for Teradata with the GT Datamaker suite. We look forward to new partnership initiatives that will bring important benefits to our customers.”

In explaining the advantages of the integration to potential customers, Huw Price, Grid-Tools Managing Director, stated, “Our partnership and integration with Teradata offers Teradata customers help in managing data in their non-production environments; allowing them to build rich and compliant testing, development, training and QA databases.”

Grid-Tools’ primary solution, Datamaker, is designed to automatically create or generate data to aid in the testing and development of complex database applications. The software also uses database subsetting techniques to create secure databases for non-production environments. Datamaker has a comprehensive database rules discovery tool, documenting database structures. It can either create data with referential and application integrity or mask production data, cleansing it of personal and confidential information to ensure compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act and HIPAA.
Grid-Tools welcomes Teradata client companies as well as consultants interested in how they can provide support and partner on test and development data projects and programs.


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