includes report on Global Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) Market 2008-2012 added a new report on "Global Internet Protocol
Address Management (IPAM) Market 2008-2012" which gives the
applications and trends of Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM)
Market .

Global Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) Market 2008-2012 Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) is employed to
accurately model IP address, subnet assignments, domains and networks;
with the purpose of tracking, planning and managing IP address space.
It also helps in building DNS (Domain Name System) and DHCP (Dynamic
Host Configuration Protocol) configurations on a network. DHCP and DNS
network services provide automated IP address assignment and host name
lookup services.

Globally, the transition from circuit switched networks to packet
switched networks (IP-based networks) is taking place at a fast rate.
An increasing number of applications that transfer data, voice and
video are utilizing IP-based networks. This transition is resulting in
increasing dependence by companies for business operations on IP-based
networks, which carry the risk of reliability, security and downtime.
The companies are adopting IP-based network management solutions to
reduce these risks. Also, the introductions of IPV6 networks, which use
128-bit address system, bring more complexity to the IP management
table. This is because of the larger address pools, different
sub-netting techniques, and lengthy addresses. Managing IPV6 networks
with traditional ways of manual or spreadsheet methods becomes
cumbersome for the companies. Therefore, the companies are implementing
IPAM solutions to overcome these problems.

Further, the number of devices that are based on IP address is
increasing significantly. The companies require IP address for web
services, wireless communication devices, mobile computers, virtual
machines, point of sale devices, IP telephony, etc. To efficiently
manage this wider application of IP space, the companies are utilizing
dynamic IP address management solutions. The report forecasts the size
of the Global Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) market. It
segments the Global Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) market
into various geographic regions (representing the market size for each
of these regions). Further, it discusses the key market trends, drivers
and challenges and profiles some of the key vendors of this market.


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