Faking Portfolios of IT Companies which Ask for client claims

Content gets copied, design gets copied and now even the portfolios are getting copied. Fake Companies have grown smarter and are copying not only the content and the entire design of other companies websites, but also present portfolios from other companies websites. Portfolio is the most legitimate source for especially the web solutions companies to show the samples of their work on the basis of which one can judge their service quality and specialities. To assure the credibility of the company, it should be authentic. Companies which are not properly established source portfolios from other Web solution companies and show this as their own on their website to misguide the clients.

Cyber crime is fast expanding and becoming a global nuisance. It´s operating in a major shadow economy where the real business world is closely mimicked. This includes profit-driven organised cybercrime. During the last few years, there has been a significant rise in stealing valuable data after attempted and successful data breaches. This information is later used for trade or profit purposes. Single sign-on login credentials for organizations, email exchanges and financial and healthcare related information are prime targets.

Lawsuits, compliance failure, financial damages, and brand damage are some of the potential business damage caused to organisations through such cyber crime. However, any authentic company can serve a notice to any fake company, if the plagiarised information is discovered from the company´s website. They can be asked to produce the list of the client they work with and also prove authenticity. The best solution is being alert and aware before hiring any services by asking for legitimate claims about the source of the portfolio. One should ask for client references for the services being hired and represented in the portfolio.

The business organisations that one deals with should be questioned regarding their portfolio before anyone starts any kind of dealing. Sometimes a fake company just steals and copies the whole portfolio of another company and puts it into its own website. To be aware of such glitches, one should ask for claims in support of the source of the information.


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